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The territory of the Gargano, a source of pleasant discoveries, is the ideal place for a holiday, where it is not difficult to find relax and silence; and staying in Vieste, Peschici, Mattinata, Rodi Garganico, at Vico Garganico and in all the other of the villages of the Gargano. The holiday at our Farm “La Chiusa delle More”, is the solution that permits to stay in Peschici and spend enchanted days for the climate and the beauties of the territory of the Gargano. To locate a Farm at Vieste, Peschici, Mattinata, Rodi Garganico, and Vico Garganico is easy, but the beauty of our Farm “La Chiusa delle More” is like “unicum” (unique), unrepeatable and to set in our travel memories.

prodottiOur Farm “La Chiusura delle More” is in the near of Peschici and permits to enjoy of the vantages at being at a few distance of the sea of Peschici and of the whole Gargano, but immersed in the green of the olive trees of the Gargano, famous for the fantastic production of the olives and olive oil of remarkable quality. The charm of our home “Farm Chiusa delle More” is characterized also through the products of extreme quality and genuine of the territory of the Gargano, like the genuine is the hospitality, that Antonella and Francesco Martucci reserve for their guests. Tarts with lemon taste, with chocolate taste, citrus fruits of the Gargano, fresh cottage cheese, perfumed honey, are only some of the products of the “Chiusa delle More”, with which our guests can delight themselves and conserve the memories also after the departure of the Farm “La Chiusa delle More”.

Today, to go towards at the numerous requests of the affectionate clients of our Farm of Peschici, we have decided to prolong the pleasant taste of the holidays at “Chiuse delle More”, placing at disposition of our guests, excellent typical products of the Gargano, with the possibility to buy the extra-virgin olive oil of the Gargano, the broad beans of Carpino, the homemade pasta of the Gargano, made with ingredients of quality, the jams, origin of only bee keepings, guaranteed of the Gargano.